Policy & Procedures


  1. Tuition is calculated on the entire dance year (September-June) and is the same each month, including those shortened by Ooh La La Dance Academy holidays/closures or student absences. There are no refunds for tuition, costume or Recital fees.

  2. As a courtesy to our students, classes missed can be made up. Students may make up classes by coming to the same class that meets on another day or by exploring a different style of dance. Students must be enrolled to make up a class. Make-up classes must be taken within 30 days of the missed class. Please consult with the office to schedule your make-up classes.                                                            

  3. All accounts will be set up for auto-pay in the Mindbody portal. All accounts must have credit card information on file for billing purposes. Auto-pay occurs on the 1st of the month. A $15.00 late fee will be assessed if tuition is not paid on or before the 5th of the month. 

  4. Tuition fee is a minimum of a 6 month contract.  If client chooses to discontinue contract before the 6 month time frame is up, a $50 cancellation fee will be required. 

  5. Notifications of cancellation of tuition must be written to info@ollda.com and a confirmation email will be returned. 



  1. The first class at Ooh La La Dance Academy is complimentary unless a promotion is purchased instead. New student’s fees will be pro-rated for the first month of classes only.

  2. Registration and enrollment continues throughout the year. After April 1st, class availability is limited due to preparations for our June recital. New students pay their $25.00 annual registration fee when enrolling in classes. The $25 annual registration fee for returning students is due by September 1st of every year and will be auto-debited with your tuition.


Studio Behavior

No Food or Drink in the studio. Water bottles only. No Gum Chewing

  1. To create an atmosphere conducive to learning, teachers require focus and respect from students. Students are expected to refrain from talking that is not related to the teacher’s lesson plan, and to mute cell phones and leave them in their bags during class time. OLLDA faculty are dedicated to creating the best learning environment possible for all of our students. All students must respect the structure and teaching style of all instructors.

  2. Please arrive to class, in proper dance attire, 5 minutes before class start time. Entering class after it has begun is disruptive to the teacher and other students. 

  3. Any students arriving 15 minutes or later to class will participate in class by observing and taking notes.  (This is to ensure the safety of the dancer themselves.)

  4. All students must sign into each class by Ipads located throughout our facility. Dancers must notify their instructor or office staff if they are unable to sign into the proper class.


Dress Code

  1. Boys: Comfortable sportswear with appropriate undergarments and shoes for all dance styles.

  2. Ballet: Pink ballet slippers, pink tights, black leotard, hair pulled into a bun or out of face if not possible. 

  3. Jazz: jazz shoes; tight-fitting jazz pants or tight-fitting leggings; tights with knit/tight fitting shorts; sports bra, tank top or leotard; hair up tight and off the face.

  4. Acro: Tight fitting clothes, tights are not required but must be footless or transition tights if worn. Hair up tight and off of the face.

  5. Lyrical/Contemporary: barefoot or turning shoes (half soles preferred); tights or tight-fitting leggings with a leotard or tank top; knit/tight fitting shorts; hair up tight and off the face.

  1. Hip Hop: athletic apparel; loose-fitting street clothes; sneakers are mandatory.

  2. Tap: tap shoes (consult teacher on the style and color), socks are recommended for comfort; comfortable athletic wear.

Class Syllabus

For information pertaining to a certain class, please click the link below for our current Class Syllabus. 


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