Policy & Procedures

Tuition/Payment Options for Classes

There are two attendance options at OLLDA; One is to commit to a contract for each contract/quarter period and the second is to pay per class as a “drop in” rate.

  1. Drop In students pay $25 per class (adults please refer to your schedule regarding drop in classes). This allows you the freedom to come and not come whenever you’d like. Drop-In classes are valid for 7 days after purchase. Students attending with drop in rates must enroll at least 4 hours ahead of desired class on the Mindbody app. If a student would like to cancel class reservation, they must do so at least 3 hours before the scheduled class to avoid a late fee of $10. If a student needs to “early cancel” their drop in class, that class is valid for an additional 6 days. There is only a one time $25 registration fees for drop in students. 

  2. Contracts are specifically created for each individual student requesting this option. Contracts are valid and are a commitment every three months/quarter. The person responsible for paying the contract is bound to the contract for the entirety of the 3 month contract/quarter period. We do not offer refunds. Also the contract may not be decreased for the three month period. Contracts may, however, be increased. Contract rates do not change due to Holidays or planned studio closures. If a student begins a contract in the middle of a month, that month’s payment will be prorated. We highly recommend students with contracts to register in their desired classes at the beginning of each contract/quarter period for the entirety of the contract period. If you need to cancel any of your class reservations, please do so at least 4 hours before the scheduled class to avoid a $5 late fee (adults please refer to your schedule regarding late fees). If a client absolutely needs to cancel their contract in the middle of a quarter, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged at time of cancellation, while the contract will remain open for the remainder of the current month. 

    1. Upcoming 2021 contract periods for the rest of the OLLDA year are Winter: January 4th-March 28th, Spring: March 29th-June13th, Summer: June 14th-August 20th.

    2. Next Season 2021/2022 OLLDA Contract/Quarter periods are Fall: August 30th-November 20th, Winter: November 29th-February 26th, Spring: February 28th-May 28th, Summer: May 30th-August 20th. 5 day or longer studio closures for next Season 21/22 are as follows:

      • End of Summer Break 2021: August 22nd-29th

      • Thanksgiving Break: November 21st - 28th 2021. 

      • Holiday Break: December 19th - January 2nd 2022 (Studio Open for private Monday, December 27th-Thursday, December 30th with available staff).

      • Spring Break: April 3rd-10th 2022.

      • Beginning of Summer Break: June 6th-10th 2022 (privates available)

      • End of Summer Break: August 21st - 28th 2022.

  3. As a courtesy to our students on contract, early cancelled/missed can be made up within 30 days or before the end of the contract period, whichever comes first. Please consult with the office about your make-up classes and enroll on the Mindbody.                                                            

  4. All contract accounts will be set up for auto-pay in the Mindbody portal. All accounts must have credit card information on file for billing purposes. All billing for contracts will happen on the 1st of each month and apply to the quarter as necessary. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed if tuition is not paid on or before the 5th day into each contract period. 

  5. There are no refunds for tuition, costume or Recital fees.

  6. Notifications of contract cancellation requests for the next contract period must be written to info@ollda.com and a confirmation email will be returned. 


Annual Registration Fee:

  1. If a student enters our schedule after the beginning of a new quarter, contract fees will be prorated for the first month of classes only.

  1. We offer registration and enrollment options throughout the year. 

  2. There is a yearly $25 annual registration fee per student on contract. New students pay their $25 annual registration fee when enrolling as a new student on contract status. Returning students’ $25 annual registration fee is charged every September 1st of every year and will be auto-debited with that month’s tuition.

  3. Annual registration or first time registration fee is non refundable. No exceptions. 


Private Lessons:

  1. All OLLDA instructors are available for private lessons.

  2. We highly recommend scheduling private lessons to get focused and specialized instruction.

  3. Privates can be scheduled M-F 9am-9pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm. 

  4. Private lessons will not be available during Scheduled Closed Business Days, unless otherwise specified. 

  5. Privates can be scheduled up through the end of each contract period/quarter, but not after that, until registration for the following contract period opens. See contract periods above. 

  6. Communicate directly with your desired teacher to schedule privates. Teachers will coordinate with main office and a confirmation will be sent to you by email.

  7. If a student would like to cancel a scheduled private they must do so at least 48 hours before that scheduled private. If cancelled after the 48 hour window the student will still be charged in full.

  8. Private lessons are charged when scheduled if it is not a recurring private lesson appointment.

  9. If a student schedules a recurring private for the duration of a contract period, the account will be charged 48 hours before the scheduled recurring private.


New policies due to Covid 19

  1. We will stay up to date with all current CDC guidelines.

  2. Due to Covid 19 it is necessary to be more strict about our policies and procedures. Space is limited and we want to do our best to keep our students, their loved ones, our neighbors and our staff as safe and protected as possible.

  3. Do not come to OLLDA if you are experiencing cold, flu or Covid 19 symptoms.

  4. Masks are required for all students while indoors. Masks are optional outdoors.  

  5. Please practice social distancing at your own discretion

  6. Absolutely no food or snack sharing. 

  7. The office in Studio B is always open M-F 12:30pm-6pm and 9am-12pm on Saturdays if you need to speak with a staff member directly about anything.

  8. All students must enter or be dropped off on Cuvier St. If entering the indoor studios, everyone must enter and exit through studio B.

  9. Only registered students and faculty are allowed on property unless otherwise given permission by a staff member. PreK parents are allowed to watch their student's recreational classes as long as they are not a distraction to students in class. 

  10. PreK and Level 1 students must have a designated guardian with them to drop them off and pick them up. If guardian is not at pick-up on time, their student will be in the office with staff member.

  11. All classes, teams and rehearsals have a maximum capacity. No exceptions. Each class’ capacity is listed in Mindbody. If you are having trouble enrolling on the Mindbody app send an email immediately so that we can help you enroll. Please keep in mind that self pre registration closes 3 hours before each scheduled class. 

  12. Each class also has a waitlist option if the class is full. People on the waitlist will be notified 4 hours before the desired class time if they have been added to the roster. If you are on the waitlist and get added to the class and then do a “late cancel”, your account will be charged appropriately. 

  13. Any lost and found items will be thrown out on Saturdays after classes. You must come and pick up any lost and found items before Saturdays at 12pm. 

  14. Cancellation and contract policies have also been updated. Please read our “Tuition/Payment Options” section above for updates beginning 2021.

Studio Behavior

  1. OLLDA faculty are dedicated to creating the best learning environment possible for all of our students. To create an atmosphere conducive to learning, teachers require focus and respect from students. 

  2. All students must respect the structure and teaching style of all OLLDA instructors as well as all current studio policies and procedures.

  3. Only sealable water bottles allowed to be used while on any of our dance floors. No food or gum chewing on any of the dance floors. 

  4. Only pre registered students are allowed to enter classes. If the class is at capacity there will be no exceptions. 

  5. Please arrive at class at least 5 minutes before scheduled class time with all the appropriate and necessary items and attire. 

  6. Students agree to help keep Ooh La La a clean, safe and healthy environment for all.

  7. Cell phones must be on silent-mode and left in their bag during class times. Smart watches must be put on “theatre mode” during class. 

  8. Students are expected to refrain from talking unless asked to speak or called on after raising their hand. 

  9. Any students arriving 15 minutes or later to class will participate in class by observing and taking notes that will be shown to the instructor after class. This is to ensure the safety of the dancer themselves and to not disrupt other students and class flow. 

  10. Injured students are also welcome to come to originally scheduled/enrolled classes to observe and take notes. This is a great way to stay stimulated and up to date with the training. 

Dress Code: In general make sure any shoes you are wearing on all of our dance floors are dance shoes and are clean. Please no excessive body lotions/oils or fragrances. No excessive jewelry. Deodorize as necessary. Please no clothing with derogatory remarks. 

  1. Boys: Black comfortable, form fitting sportswear with appropriate undergarments and shoes for all dance styles. Hip Hop is ok to wear black sweats. Hair pulled back if applicable. Please refer to appropriate shoes below in each category. 

  2. Ballet: Pink ballet slippers, pink convertible tights, black leotard, black ballet skirt (optional), hair pulled into a bun or out of face if a bun is not possible. 

  3. Jazz: tan jazz shoes, form fitting black jazz pants or form fitting black leggings, convertible tan tights with knit/form fitting black shorts, black sports bra/tank top/leotard. Hair up tight and off the face.

  4. Acro: Black comfortable and form fitting clothes, tights are not required but must be footless or convertible tights if worn. Hair up tight and off of the face (we recommend french braids).

  5. Lyrical/Contemporary: Barefoot or turning shoes (half soles preferred); convertible tights or tight-fitting leggings with a leotard or tank top; knit/form fitting shorts; hair up tight and off the face.

  1. Hip Hop: Black athletic apparel; loose-fitting street clothes are ok; clean dance sneakers are mandatory. Hair pulled back and off of the face.

  2. Tap: Black tap shoes (consult teacher on the style), socks are recommended for comfort; comfortable black athletic wear. Hair pulled back and off of the face.

  3. ADULTS: Communicate directly with the main office if you have any questions about dress code. Only dance appropriate shoes are allowed on the dance floor.


Thank you for your help in keeping OLLDA safe, open and thriving. We admire your dedication to dance, fitness and the arts. We look forward to creating with you!